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You have made the choice to start properly managing your financial problems, which is a great first step. What do you do next? Often speaking with an attorney can help. Our firm offers an approach, which evaluates all your possible alternatives, including addressing potential, existing and past law suits, along with the possibility of bankruptcy. We work with you to establish a viable financial plan to ensure a positive future and a Fresh Start.

These tools can only be found in the hands of a skilled and talented bankruptcy Attorney. This is why, from beginning to end, you will be dealing directly with your attorney.

If you think about it, no other way makes sense. Direct attorney / client meetings to strategizing your case takes away the uncertainty communicating through a clerk might cause. Only an attorney is permitted to provide legal advice. If you are speaking with anyone other than an experienced bankruptcy attorney you are doing yourself an injustice.

Our law firm believes that personal consultation with your attorney is an essential key to your legal success – a concept which most other firms ignore.

The majority of our practice focuses on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. With us, an attorney will handle your matter, hands-on, through the entire process, specifically molding your case around your needs and best interests. Unlike the “bankruptcy mills” that proceed with a “cookie cutter mentality”.

With our firm, an attorney will obtain appraisals and diligently review court records, credit reports and all other public records, thereby providing a complete assessment of where you stand. Most other law firms refer this investigative part to students or clerks, and Document Preparation Services usually skip this entirely.  Not us.

We believe that we have found the best way to assist our clients. This approach has been supported by commendations by the courts, the US Trustees and our receiving a whopping 80% of our new clientele from referrals of prior clients.

Any other method limits your chance of success and the permanent settlement of your debt. We don’t use any other method, because we are not just any other law firm.

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The Bresalier Team says: “ Keep your home or walk away and owe nothing! Stop suits, garnishments and collection calls! No more credit card bills!”

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